Re-Emergence of Q Logic

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Since 1988, Q-logic has been providing vehicle-specific subwoofer enclosures, replacement kickpanels and pre-fabricated universal subwoofer enclosures for car audio enthusiasts. Originally started in the back room of a local car audio shop in Stillwater, Ok, owners Dave Cunningham and Bill Basore knew they had something special. By the mid-Nineties, Q-Logic had grown to be a household name in the realm of car audio, every major shop in the country sold Q-Logic brand subwoofer enclosures and the full line of Q-Forms and Q-Customs.

Q-Logic eventually grew to be so big that the big boys, namely Rockford Fosgate, noticed. During a time span where Rockford was gobbling up brands like MB Quart and Lightning Audio, they bought the Q-Logic facilities in Stillwater, OK. During that time, the Stillwater plant was used to build Rockford Fosgate enclosures as well as Q-Logic brand products. Big business politics and short sightedness lead to a decrease in Q-Logic market penetration, since the Rockford sales reps were now Q-Logic reps too. Selling empty wood boxes and plastic kickpanels is different than selling ten-thousand dollars worth of amps, subs and speakers. Q-logic became an “alsoand”, and did not get the attention it deserved.

As the product designer for Q-Forms and Q-Customs during the Rockford years, I have personal experience with watching a beloved product fall by the wayside.

After just a few years, Rockford’s “buy now, worry about the consequences later” philosophy caught up to them when the car audio market took a serious nosedive. As a result, Rockford shed most of the companies that it had purchased just a few years earlier. Q-Logic was the last to be sold off. Darker times would lie ahead.

A group formed from the local Stillwater plant management purchased Q-Logic. The members of this group had been with Q-Logic for many years, one had been with the company since the very beginning. With the best intentions, the new ownership struggled to maintain market share and product placement after years of neglect from the Rockford marketing machine. Coupled with the dwindling and rapidly changing car audio market, Q-logic was in serious trouble.

Which brings us to today. Founders Dave Cunningham and Bill Basore have stepped back into the fray and once again own the Q-Logic brand and facilities. With the determination and passion for Q-Logic that helped build the company in the first place, Q-Logic will rise again. The original line of Q-Forms and Q-Customs, with a few upgrades like thicker plastic for lower resonance and better fitment, remain in place. The ever-popular Q-Logic universal enclosure production is in full swing. The best enclosures on the market are still here, and they will continue to provide you with the best quality possible in a universal enclosure.

With this new beginning, Q-Logic has branched out into an avenue that has previously been left unexplored for the brand. Direct sales to general public are an important aspect of today’s business model, and to that end, Q-Logic has developed a direct sales website,,

so you can purchase the best enclosures on the market directly from the source. Need some speakers and subs to go in that new enclosure and those kickpanels? One-stop shopping for Rockford Fosgate audio equipment is available as well (see, we still have love for ROFO!).

As a fan of the products, I am happy once again to be a part of this company. Like the Phoenix that rises from its ashes, and the city of New Orleans that continues to rebuild after total devastation, Q-Logic is back with a vengeance. We will reign supreme again.

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  1. cole

    18. Jun, 2009

    Quite a story! I am excited to see the next chapter and think that the time is right for online sales.

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  2. Mark

    24. Jun, 2009

    Very cool, it is great to see Q-Logic rolling again. Very well designed products and applications that address “tough-to-fit” vehicles.

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  3. Steve

    17. Jul, 2009

    This is great! I cant wait to see what new stuff they come up with! I do wonder though….do people with their brand new cars with Bose or other premium sound systems really care about upgrading? I think not. I hope to see some old school come out of this rebirth of a car audio legend!

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