Q-forms Upgrades to Thicker Plastic

Posted on 20. Jul, 2009 by in Announcements, Q Logic Products

Innovation in car audio is difficult. Whether you are talking about unique materials or custom equipment, being innovative is not a simple task. Just about everything has been done before, but that does not mean that it can’t be done better. Q-Logic has been in the business of building pre-fabricated enclosures and vehicle-specific kickpanels and enclosures for 20 years. I bring this up because up until recently,

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Q-Logic has been manufacturing all kickpanels in .140” thick plastic, which is just over 1/8” thick. This makes for fairly strong component and has been good for many projects. That said, one of the biggest complaints about the kickpanels has long been that the plastic has a high resonant frequency, meaning that they can buzz during certain passages in the music. A common fix for this is lining the back of the panel with Dynamat, which is always a good idea. Since Q-Logic is making a comeback, it was important that a few changes be made. One of which is thicker plastic. All Q-Forms are now formed from .180” plastic.

lead-photoNot only does this make the panels harder to deform and install incorrectly, but it also lowers the resonant frequency. With more mass and inherent rigidity, the panels feel better in your hand and fit better in the car. This plastic has been retrofitted to work with all of the previous tooling and all new designs are being done to accommodate the thicker plastic.

Being innovative does not mean using something completely new, sometimes it just

means better.

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  1. cole

    29. Jul, 2009

    Sounds delicious. Glad to see you are improving on an already great product.

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