Small car Subwoofer solutions

Posted on 06. Sep, 2009 by in Other Products, Q Logic Products

Rockford Fosgate OverloadSo, you are bass head and you want to add some thump to your ride. The problem is that your ride is small, like a Corvette, Miata or some other two-seater with not much room. What are your options? The answer to this question which plagues a lot of audio fanatics depends on your resources. There are simple solutions and then there are complex solutions. Here are few to think about-

Pre-fabricated: Enclosures such as the universal Q-Custom from Q-logic is a great way to add some tight punch in a tight spot. Behind the seat, tucked away in the trunk, these enclosures come as small as 8”, so you can likely find one to fit your car.

Loaded compacts: There are quite a few of these on the market now, one in particular is the Rockford Fosgate Overload. The Overload is a 12” powered subwoofer mounted in a fully-enclosed (read protected) housing that is plug-and-play, featuring a remote bass control. This is an easy sub add-on for a factory head unit too.

Transducers- This is a really cool product that has been around for decades, but has recently made a big jump into modern car audio. A transducer is a motor that gets a signal from a low-powered amplifier and produces vibrations, emulating a subwoofer. You won’t win any SPL contests, but a transducer greatly increases the wow factor for any system and you don’t lose hearing . Couple a transducer with a small 8” sub and you have an incredible system that will knock your socks off and you won’t get any noise tickets.

Custom- The other solution is to go custom. Building something custom for your car is always an option, and when done well, will look great too. There are two camps for custom work- factory integration or in-your-face style. Factory integration requires just as much skill, if not more, than building a wild enclosure, because you have to work within the confines of the factory panels and design, incorporating the factory look into the new design. When done well, most people will think it was a factory option.

Everything else is designed to stand out. Take this 2007 Z06 Corvette system with gear from Rockford Fosgate for example. The owner of the car wanted a compact system that was loud, looked great and had audiophile sound. Built with laminated aluminum, PVC tubes and some serious airbrush skills, the system looks as good as it sounds. z06-shrunk


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way you go, you need to do some research and know what you want before you buy anything. Asking your local dealer what they would do with your car and your budget is always a great place to start.

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