Square hole in a round peg

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It's just how I roll

It's just how I roll

I move to the beat of a different drum. When most people move left, I move north. I just don’t try to fit in anymore. As a kid, that was the thing, you try to shape yourself to fit the mold that was “cool” or popular, so that you would have friends and to get along. I tried for a while, but eventually, I realized I was just different. I drive a muscle car. Not too outside of the box right? Well it’s a 1971 Buick GS convertible. One of only 656 built. It is powered by a 400-hp Buick 350, definitely not your average small-block Chevy, getting that 400-hp took thousands of dollars more than it would take to get 500-600 out of an 350 Chevy. Everything about that car is different, even the Buick 350 is out of the box. Most guys that do build Buicks go for the bigger 455.

The point is that you don’t have to be the same as everyone else. Even building a car, you can take something that is different and build a tuner, hot rod or cruiser and make it your own. What makes my car stand out is the fact that it is a Buick and not a Chevelle, Camaro or Mustang, not that there is anything wrong with those cars.

The point is that

you should take what you have, make it your own and not care what others think. It’s yours, build it the way you want it.

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