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New Must-Have iPhone Apps for Audio Enthusiast

Jan 23, 2015 by .


If you have read even a handful of my posts, you know that I hate the iPod. The iPhone is different. I don’t have but, I sometimes I wish I did. I recently discovered a few apps for the iPhone that are awesome. If you are The believe technique viagra price comparison spray and. On […]

Get the latest installation technology with the new In-Car-Entertainment book from CarTech books

Sep 16, 2009 by .


While it may seem like shameless self-promotion (which it is), my latest book, “How to Design and Install In-Car Entertainment Systems” is finally on the shelves. After months of hard work, late nights and several purpose-built systems, the book is done and on the boat from China. Yeah, they print them in China. Don’t worry, […]

Small car Subwoofer solutions

Sep 06, 2009 by .


So, you are bass head and you want to add some thump to your ride. The problem is that your ride is small, like a Corvette, Miata or some other two-seater with not much room. What are your options? The answer to this question which plagues a lot of audio fanatics depends on your resources. […]

What’s Wrong with the iPod?

Jul 11, 2009 by .


Why I hate the iPod I grew up using Apple computers. In 1985, when the Mac came out, my parents bought one. I loved the Mac, even though all of the games I wanted to play were IBM-based. So when the iPod came out you would think I would love it, right? Incorrect-amundo my friends, […]