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The overwhelming rebirth of Q Logic

Jan 23, 2015 by .


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How To Install the Q Logic 2005-up Mustang Q-Custom

Oct 13, 2009 by .


This post is a little different from what I normally do around here. I thought it was high-time I actually showed you guys how to do something. To that end, I chose to demonstrate just how easy it is to install a Q Logic Q-Custom. Since I am more into muscle cars than imports and […]

Need a new camera? Mamiya has the answer.

Oct 02, 2009 by .


Are you into photography? Do you like to take fancy pictures of mountains, floating butterflies and speeding cars? Do you need to print said photographs on paper the size of the empire state building with High-Definition quality? Then the latest offerings from Mamiya are a necessity for you. Never heard of Mamiya? They are one […]

Square hole in a round peg

Sep 30, 2009 by .


I move to the beat of a different drum. When most people move left, I move north. I just don’t try to fit in anymore. As a kid, that was the thing, you try to shape yourself to fit the mold that was “cool” or popular, so that you would have friends and to get […]

Drag Racing for fun and well, fun

Sep 27, 2009 by .


Drag racing is fun. Lots of fun. Especially if you can do it on the cheap and have grudge matches against your friends. That is what this weekend was all about for me. I spent Friday putting in a new set of 4.11:1 gears in the GS (my 1971 Buick GS convertible), which was finished […]

Are you a fan or a fanatic?

Sep 19, 2009 by .


I am a gearhead. Just about every piece of clothing I own has grease, oil and general car funk stains on them. Except for a few nice pants and some Polo shirts, I wear jeans and T-shirts. I even buy Mechanix Wear shoes. I live in the garage, under the dash, in the motor or […]

Great Protection Service, add GPS tracking for your car

Sep 12, 2009 by .


In today’s world, brazen thievery threatens us every day. Whether it is your kid’s backpack, your briefcase, laptop or your prized muscle car, theft is on the rise. But how do you protect your belongings from these low-down dirty criminals? A couple of enterprising companies may have the answer, GPS. While GPS tracking devices such […]

Oldsmobile built the original Donk

Aug 27, 2009 by .


So, you think the whole donk, box and bubble craze is new? Think again. Oldsmobile built the original way back in the 1911. During my recent visit to the GM Heritage Center in Dearborn, Michigan, I got a chance to see some really cool cars. One of which inspired this post. Donks are semi-cool. In […]

Woodward Dream Cruise event a huge success

Aug 18, 2009 by .


The Woodward Dream Cruise is hands down the coolest car event ever. This year marked my first visit to the world’s largest single-day car event and it will not be the last. We arrived in Detroit on Thursday, and after checking into the hotel and having some dinner, we decided to take the 15-minute drive […]

Does modern technology bring families together or push them apart?

Aug 12, 2009 by .


*Picture a 6-year-old girl rubbing two ear buds together and then says “clear” playing as if the ear buds are a defibrillator jump-starting the heart on here headless Barbie. I don’t think that is going to save this poor decapitated doll. Traveling on vacations and such with children is much different than it was just […]