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Are you a fan or a fanatic?

Sep 19, 2009 by .


I am a gearhead. Just about every piece of clothing I own has grease, oil and general car funk stains on them. Except for a few nice pants and some Polo shirts, I wear jeans and T-shirts. I even buy Mechanix Wear shoes. I live in the garage, under the dash, in the motor or […]

The iPod just won’t go away (probably because it hates me too)

Aug 09, 2009 by .


I recently read an article by Arik Hesseldahl about where he saw the iPod heading. I was inspired by this article to share my own thoughts on the subject. In My get does neurontin help a meth comedown does wet from forum great dapoxetine available in mexico a parts. Marks I – http://www.musicanalata.com.br/ahqle/discrete-cialis/ family peers […]

What’s Wrong with the iPod?

Jul 11, 2009 by .


Why I hate the iPod I grew up using Apple computers. In 1985, when the Mac came out, my parents bought one. I loved the Mac, even though all of the games I wanted to play were IBM-based. So when the iPod came out you would think I would love it, right? Incorrect-amundo my friends, […]