Q Customs Enclosures

When it comes to vehicle specific enclosures, nobody does it better than Q-Logic. Our Q-Customs line of subwoofer enclosures has more offerings than any other company! Given that, it’s quite likely that we have an enclosure to suit your needs. In addition, we’ve been in the vehicle specific enclosure business longer than anyone else – since 1992.

We currently offer Q-Customs Enclosures for over 135 different vehicle applications! Visit the Application Guide to see if we have a Q-Customs Enclosure to fit your vehicle.

State of the Art Manufacturing

Q-Customs Enclosures represent the state of the art in subwoofer enclosure manufacturing. Since many Q-Customs enclosures go in incredibly tight spots, like behind interior panels and under seats, it is not possible to build them entirely out of MDF. Using a hybrid of MDF and vacuum formed plastic panels allows us to increase the available interior volume of the enclosure without increasing its external size.

Vacuum forming allows us to make incredibly strong, thin, and lightweight enclosure parts that allow Q-Customs to fit the contours of even the tightest of spaces. Q-Logic brought vacuum forming technology to the enclosure business in 1996. Over the years, we’ve put what we’ve learned to work to provide the best vehicle specific enclosure that you can buy.

More than Just a Custom Fit

In order to be called a Q-Customs Enclosure, these vehicle specific enclosures have to sound GREAT – just like our standard Q-Enclosures do. Since Q-Customs Enclosures are designed to fit in tight spaces, they are all of the Type 1 variety. When loaded with the subwoofer of your choice, expect the same great performance that our standard Type 1 Enclosures deliver!

Many Q-Customs Enclosures are designed to fit under a seat. To maximize their output, we utilize boundary loading where possible to increase the output of the subwoofer(s). Boundary loading is achieved when the output of a subwoofer is reinforced by a nearby stationary boundary. The net result is increased output from the subwoofer – kind of like the increase in bass response you get when locating the subwoofer in your home theater in a corner. So how do we do this? Simple – by firing the subwoofers towards the floorboard. “Downfiring” as it would have it, has several benefits:

  • Increased output from the subwoofer(s) due to boundary loading
  • Protection of the subwoofers themselves from damage by the passengers’ feet

Remember, we at Q-Logic are a BIG fan of anything that’s FREE, which is why we’re so fond of boundary loading! This is just one of the many reasons that Q-Customs Enclosures perform and the other guys enclosures simply fit . . .
We should also point out that Q-Customs Enclosures that fit within the interior panels of vehicles typically utilize the corner formed by the junction of the side panel, floorboard, and rear tailgate to achieve boundary loading. This can help a small subwoofer to perform like a BIG one!

OEM Quality Fit and Finish

Many of our customers choose a Q-Customs Enclosure when they want the addition of a subwoofer to their vehicle appear like it was installed from the factory. Q-Customs Enclosures are offered in a number of factory-matched colors, so that they blend in with the vehicles’ interior quite nicely. In many cases, we use a combination of carpeting and factory matched coloring to achieve that factory look.


In other cases, like that with our 1994 – 200X Chevrolet K-5 Blazer / GMC Yukon / Suburban enclosure, the enclosure is designed to fit behind the rear interior panel on the passenger side – totally out of site. This helps to transform once useless space into the perfect location for a subwoofer! Other benefits of this location would be no loss of cargo space and less likelihood of theft.

Q-Customs Applications

Vehicle Specific

Currently, we offer 35 different Q-Customs enclosures covering 100+ applications. We add models for newer vehicles as demand for them is generated. Here are some Q-Customs enclosures that we’ve recently added:

We offer single and dual woofer Q-Customs Enclosures for car, SUV, and truck applications. To see if we offer a Q-Customs Enclosure to fit your needs CLICK HERE.


OK, so you’ve got an unusual vehicle or application, but you still desire to add a subwoofer. If we don’t offer an enclosure for your application in Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, Type 4, Type 5, (all hyperlinked to app charts) or Q-Customs . . . you may want to check out our universal Q-Customs subwoofer enclosure before making sawdust in your clean garage.

This slick solution requires only a flat surface to mount it to. With a top depth of only 5-1/2 inches and a bottom depth of 7-1/4 inches, it will fit many places that a traditional enclosure will not. It accommodates a single 10″ subwoofer, and uses boundary loading to deliver BIG output from this single sub! Common applications for these are behind the rear seat of Jeeps (mount to the tailgate) and other similar utility vehicles. Of course, you can also fit this enclosure behind the seat of most pick-up trucks . . . some trucks will accommodate a pair!


Included Accessories

All Q-Customs Enclosures include the following in addition to the enclosure itself:

  • Qx or Qxs Mounting Ring(s)
  • Twisted pair speaker wire
  • MDF specific screws, 8 per subwoofer
  • PolyFil – Polyester Fiber Fill
  • Step-by-step instructions